As a woman who loves makeup and skincare but is allergic to just about every ingredient in most cosmetics and skincare products on the market, I found that as I entered into my ‘fabulous 40s’, I could no longer wear makeup or continue with using any skincare products. My allergies were just getting worse as I aged so I decided to start looking for something that was truly made for my sensitive skin. In 2017, I had found exactly what I was looking for! The makeup was so pigmented and beautiful, the skincare was amazing and it completely changed my night and morning routines. My skin is softer and healthier than it has been in many years. Once I realized just what I had, I decided to share these amazing products with a few of my friends and they in turn shared with their friends! My products were such a hit that I decided to sell them in my online store that I had at that time. Within hours of introducing them in my store, I sold out of everything and from that moment, I knew I had something very special that I wanted to share with the world and that’s the moment that Melody Palmer Products was born.

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When you become a Melody Palmer Distributor, you will receive your personal website, complete with a beautiful e-commerce store so you can start selling Melody Palmer Products immediately. You’ll have instant access to the Melody Palmer Virtual Party System, and a lot of other tools to get your new business started on the right path and you’ll be well on your way to building your new business while waiting on the arrival of your Melody Palmer starter kit!

As a new distributor, your upline will have you immersed into training while you wait for your starter kit to arrive. Your upline will make sure that you are connected with them and the rest of the Melody Palmer family on our private Facebook group pages!


 * 1PV (personal retail volume) = $1.00                                                                                                                                                            * To avoid being inactivated, each distributor must sell at least 120 in PV during the previous 3 months                                                       * AL = Active Leg (any distributor who has 120 PV during the previous 3 months

Distributors will automatically start earning 25% Commission on all of personal retail sales and earn 25% off all personal purchases.

Sapphire – Emerald Ranks earn 30% Commission on all personal retail sales and personal purchases.

Diamond – Blue Diamond Ranks earn 33% Commission on all personal retail sales and personal purchases.

Black Diamond – Royal White Diamond Ranks earn 35% Commission on all personal retail sales and personal purchases.


  • We have an amazing NEW starter kit!
  • Earn commissions on your downline
  • Earn a Fast Start Bonus
  • Leadership Bonuses for Diamond and above
  • Could earn FREE trips
  • Get amazing discounts on everything site-wide
  • No monthly quotas
  • 1st 3 months of website FREE & then only $10 a month