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Here at Melody Palmer Products, we take great pride in providing our customers with a beautiful variety of products that are ideal for all skin types. Our comprehensive skincare assortment includes everything from basic skincare to advanced technologies that deliver clarity, brightening, anti-aging benefits and more. Our cosmetics line is filled with gorgeous, highly pigmented products that are long lasting and perfect for nearly everyone!

Melody Palmer

High Intensity Lipstick

Our High Intensity Lipstick is long-wearing, highly pigmented and delivers creamy color and is moisturizing, anti-aging treatment in just one stroke!

♦      Paraben Free     ♦

Melody Palmer

Highlight & Glow

Glow on! with our NEW Highlight & Glow Palette. This palette features six all new shades in today’s hottest finishes to compliment various skin tones.

♦      Vegan      ♦      Cruelty-Free      ♦      Gluten-Free      ♦

Melody Palmer


Achieve a variety of looks with Melody Palmer eyeshadows, eye primer and eyeliners. Be sure to try our best selling Artist Palette and Sunset Palette as well as our line of Metallic shadows!

*Artist Palette & Sunset Palette are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free

*Metallic Shadows are Cruelty-Free

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When you become a Melody Palmer Distributor, you will receive your personal website, complete with a beautiful e-commerce store so you can start selling Melody Palmer Products immediately. You’ll have instant access to the Melody Palmer Virtual Party System, and a lot of other tools to get your new business started on the right path and you’ll be well on your way to building your new business while waiting on the arrival of your Melody Palmer starter kit!

As a new distributor, your upline will have you immersed into training while you wait for your starter kit to arrive. Your upline will make sure that you are connected with them and the rest of the Melody Palmer family on our private Facebook group pages!


* 1PV (personal retail volume) = $1.00                                                                                                                                                            * To avoid being inactivated, each distributor must sell at least 120 in PV during the previous 3 months                                                       * * AL = Active Leg (any distributor who has 120 PV during the previous 3 months

  • Choose between 3 starter kits
  • Earn commissions on your downline
  • Earn a Fast Start Bonus
  • Leadership Bonuses for Diamond and above
  • Could earn FREE trips
  • Get amazing discounts on everything site-wide
  • No monthly quotas
  • 1st 3 months of website FREE & then only $10 a month